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Is motivation an issue? Running with a group may be what you need. Making a date to meet a group of people will increase your likelihood of actually getting your runs in. When you make an appointment for the doctor or dentist, you keep it, right? 

​Well, think of your running date in the same way: an appointment that will help keep you healthy and feeling great. Exercise is part of your health plan. In addition to the standing appointment, running with a group is highly motivating. There is no one there that will stand in the way of you reaching your goal. Everyone there is there to support you, cheer you on when you need it, and be there for you when you reach that goal. As adults, there are very few opportunities to have a cheering section in life. Yes, our friends and families are our support system. But a running group is like a family. They are there for you through thick and thin, lifting you up when you need it, and sharing that special moment when you accomplish your goal. For the beginning runner, starting out with a group helps pave the way to a long running career. You are more likely to run regularly and learn the proper running dos and don’ts. You are more likely to have fun. And that’s what running is all about. If it’s fun, you’re more likely to do it.  Our running programs are a great way to get started with a running routine or take your running to the next level. You will get so much information about running form, staying injury free, how to hydrate and eat well, and more. Many of our program alumni have become life-long runners, completing 10Ks, half marathons, marathons and triathlons. Friendships are made, and traditions are formed through our running programs. You just can’t get that on your own. As the coach, I have seen people go from unsure and apprehensive beginning runners to strong, confident life-long runners. I feel greatly privileged to be a part of my runners’ goals and I enjoy every minute of running with them. 

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Group running programs

Starting a new fitness routine can be overwhelming. You may think you're "not a runner" or you just won't be able to do it. We believe every one can be a runner; all you have to do is go about it the right way.