You like us!

You really like us!

We've been lucky enough to have some of our clients and program alumni share their thoughts and experiences with us!  “Participating in your program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel so good about myself and what I have accomplished. I learned that I can push myself just a little bit at a time and I will become stronger. I learned that with the encouragement of a coach and the camaraderie of fellow beginning runners, the previously imagined impossible feat became easier. No matter how much my muscles and joints ached or how difficult a run may have been, I always felt exhilarated at the end. I couldn’t stop thinking about my next run and whether I could do even better.   Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that running 2 miles would be my easy run for the week. Now as I chart my progress I am in awe to see the weekly mileage progress from 4-5 miles of mostly walking during the first few weeks of the program to almost 11 miles of mostly running as the training program ended.   Coach Jenn’s unwavering encouragement, leadership and motivation were instrumental in my success. She always made us believe in ourselves. Forever more when I hear the Theme from Rocky I will remember Coach Jenn cheering us on as we made our way along the route. As I struggled to tackle hills that looked to me like Mount Everest, I heard Coach Jenn’s voice saying “the only way to get better at the hills is to do the hills,” and she was right.   I feel confident that my first 5K race this past weekend will not be my last. Whether I will progress to a 10K remains to be seen, but now I have the confidence to know that I can do anything as long as I retain the perseverance and patience that I learned from your program. My only regret is that the program has ended. I am happy to know that you offer many other opportunities for us to continue in our newfound love of running. Thank you for all that you do for the community!” Linda R. “Just a note to thank you for your leadership and encouragement!  People would look at me funny when I told them I was taking a running class and say “well, don’t you just need to run?”  I really needed someone to lead me down the right path (literally and figuratively I suppose), and you were the perfect coach.”  Mary H.
“I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience.  The program has been so awesome and I truly have enjoyed myself.  There were times I even surprised myself with what I was able to achieve.  Without your knowledge and support this certainly would not have been possible.” Jenny W. "I am still in shock that I ran 3.1 miles today when I could barely breathe 10 weeks ago running for only 1 minute! Thank you for your excellent training program and answers to all my questions so I could be successful in this event. I am so proud I was able to not only finish, but to run without walking!!! I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would run a 5K at the age of 50 without any prior running experience. Thanks for making memories with me!" Susan L.