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Personal training 

If you're looking to get fit, take your fitness to the next level
or fine-tune your current routine to reach new goals,
we can develop a program to suit your specific needs. We
specialize in functional training and the use of your own body
weight for resistance. The idea is to create strength in a
functional way that allows you to live your life the way you
want to: keeping you strong enough for not only tackling your
fitness goals, but tackling your day-to-day obligations as well.
We will design a program to help you get fitter, stronger and more powerful without any hoopla to distract you from your goals. And our workouts can be done anywhere. No gym is required. Whether your strength routine is the only workouts you do, or your strength routine will compliment your running, biking, swimming or other sport, we will work together to get the results you want. Remember though that results take time. There is no magic here. You put in the work and you'll get what you want.

To further help you reach those goals, nutrition evaluation and counseling services can be added onto any of our personal training services at a discounted price! Personal training can also be combined with any of our running programs too!

  In-person coaching is on waitlist right now. Please get in touch for other options!

Individual Personal Training - If you live in San Diego County, and you would like to have a personal trainer to design a fitness program for you, this is the service for you. We can meet once or twice a week, depending on your availability and goals. We will conduct an initial evaluation to assess your current strengths and areas of improvement. From there, we will develop your own specific strength routine that will best help you reach your fitness goals.
Price: $60 per session. Must purchase sessions in a pack format (2-pack, 4-pack, etc.). Purchased sessions never expire.

Small Group Personal Training (2-4 people) - If you have some friends that are interested in sharing personal training costs, we can set up a group training program. Each member of the group will receive an initial consultation to assess current strengths and areas of improvements. From there, we'll develop a full strength-training plan specific for each member of the group. Groups will work out together, each completing their own program. Price: $50 per person, per session (a $10 savings per person over individual training). Must purchase sessions in a pack format (2-pack, 4-pack, etc.). Purchased sessions never expire.

Group Strength Classes - Reach your fitness goals in a fun, energetic group setting. Our groups are large enough to get the motivation, support and encouragement from your fitness-loving friends but small enough so you can get individualized attention, guidance and expert training from our personal trainer. Stay tuned for our next strength training program! Sign up for our newsletter below to get all the info!

Regardless of which personal training service you choose, we will do our very best to help you reach your goals. We are always available to answer questions, bounce off ideas, and give you whatever support you need. You'll never be on your own.

Contact us today and get started on your road to fitness! ​​Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of all the latest info!