Corporate wellness programs

It's no secret that Americans are an unhealthy bunch. In fact, over two-thirds of American adults and over one-third of children are overweight or obese, increasing their chances of developing a chronic illness such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. This is an expensive problem for our country to have as overweight and obesity (and their related illnesses) account for 147 billion dollars in healthcare costs every year, much of which is paid for by employee healthcare plans. In fact, healthcare costs for obese employees can be up to 42% higher than employees at a healthy weight. Unfortunately, unhealthy employees affect employee absenteeism, productivity and company morale.   

 How can we change this? The average individual spends a considerable amount of time at work, making the workplace an ideal location for a wellness program. Businesses that have workplace wellness programs often see an increase in productivity and morale, as well as reduced healthcare costs and employee absenteeism. Employees often see wellness programs as an important part of their overall benefits package, contributing to the recruitment and retention of employees.  Sole Health and Wellness can help businesses and their employees live healthier, happier lives through one of our Corporate Wellness options. Companies can customize any of our options to fit their employees’ specific needs.  What we can offer your employees:

- Lunch & Learn Presentations.
Topics can include:
* Starting a Fitness Program
* Health Through Nutrition
* Exercise Motivation
- Health Screenings
- Body Composition Analysis
- Health Fair Exhibits
- Individual Nutrition Counseling
- Exercise Programs
* Walking Programs
* Running Programs
* Exercise Challenges

​If you're interested in learning more about our Corporate Wellness options, contact Jennifer Gill at